Rui Guerra, CMAS ** Instructor of Underwater Photography, has been engaged for several years teaching the art and techniques, is also the author of the only technical book of underwater photography in portuguese language, "Practical Manual of Underwater Photography" (Dinalivro / 2002).


Being the most awarded Portuguese underwater photographer in splash-in type competitions, both nationally (six times National Champion of Underwater Photography, among others) and worldwide (World Champion in the category of Wide with Diver, Vice-World Champion in general, among others), Rui Guerra now transmits his experience and techniques to all those who want to evolve effectively in the practice of underwater photography.


Aiming mainly to transmit their knowledge and experience in this area, his courses provide the essential foundation and cover all technical and aesthetic issues of underwater photography, allowing students to evolve in a solid way in this area.


The priority is the quality of training provided, restricting the number of participants in each event and providing the best possible conditions for the practice of underwater photography once in the sea.




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Wideangle Masterclass / Santa Maria 2014


Haliotis and underwater photographer Rui Guerra join once again to give you an excellent week on the island of Santa Maria, where you have the opportunity to participate in Wideangle Masterclass. Rui Guerra will share his knowledge and experience in this area allowing students evolve in a solid way in the world of underwater photography.


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Workshop minimum duration of 3 hours in classroom, pool ou both.

Underwater photo equipment available for rent (price under request).



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