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The following galleries are just examples of the photographer's extensive image bank, so more images will be added regularly. Please come back often.


No image may be used without written permission of the photographer who will do everything to protect his author rights!

If you want to use these or other images, do not hesitate to contact him.


Rui Guerra is also available to be hired for photographic works anywhere in the world, giving technical advice on underwater image or make reports about several topics in underwater environments.


All equipment used is professional grade and able to withstand all kinds of situations.


galeria santa maria açores

galeria crianças

caves gallery

Santa Maria - Azores



galeria mar de minde

synchronized swimming gallery

galeria luzes no oceano

Minde's Sea

Synchronized Swimming

Lights in the Ocean

galeria arquipélago chinijo nas canárias waterexposed Queen's Gardens gallery

Archipelago Chinijo - Canaries

WaterExposed Project

Queen's Gardens - Cuba

  galeria natação  






Rui Guerra has dedicated much of his time to the production of time-lapse videos in high resolution. Underwater or outside, in the dark of night or in the mountains, the photographer uses several specialized equipment to achieve his creative goals.


Many hours spent in the field and a long time spent in post-production, nothing is left to chance.

Rui Guerra is available to accept contracts to produce time-lapse sequences anywhere in the world, under water or outside. If you prefer you can also use some of the many sequences that he has in his image bank. Contact Rui Guerra.


Watch this showreel as an example of Rui Guerra's work in this field.

"Capturing Time" was produced over almost an year, in various locations in Portugal, and was made with aproximately 23,000 images.



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Underwater camera's assistant , supervision and technical advice on underwater image, in the production of several videos for TMN's advertising campaign Summer/2012 "Lose yourself in the journey, come on!", produced and directed by producer Ministry of Films (director: José Pedro Sousa):








Director, producer, underwater camera, model and post-production assistant in video advertising for Water Fun in company, for the commercial launch of its product C-Board:







Underwater photography, supervision and technical advise on the production of the underwater campaing "Water with Life", made to Água das Pedras brand, played by actress Daniela Ruah and produced by Garage in 2012:



outdoor agua das pedras 2012




Supervision and technical advise on the production of the underwater campaing "Water with Life", made to Água das Pedras brand, produced by Krypton Photo in 2011 (photographer: Frederico Van Zeller):



outdoor agua das pedras 2011







Photography, post-production and graphig design:


posters 2013


posters before 2013



Photography, post-production, graphic desing and pagination








Content 4



In 2000, Rui Guerra chosed to begin working with Subal underwater housings and never looked back.


The high ergonomics, unmatched build quality, full control of the camera and a world-classu customer support, make Subal a brand always present in his daily lives.


The use of Subal underwater housings allows him to work efficiently and increase his productivity as an underwater photographer.


This is your space!


If you have some used photographic equipment that you wish to sale, or if you are looking for something in second-hand, you can use this space free to announce it.
Just send an e-mail with all the equipment's  details to photoguerra@meo.pt and that's it!


After two years, the ad will be removed, unless the owner indicates that the ad is still valid. No warning will be sent prior to the ad removal. The indicated date is the one of the first publish or the last validation from the owner.

Note - The equipment's conservation state it's of the sole responsibility of it's actual owner whose contact appears next to it.


Date Equipment description Notes Price Contact

Hasselblad equipment for sell:


Hasselblad H1+ prism + magazine 120/220 + handgrip

HC 80mm 2.2
HC 150mm 3.2

Back polaroid HMI 100

As new, with their respective boxes, parasol covers and all original accessories.

I can sell each item separately.


1.100 €



80mm - 1250€

150mm - 1750€

Back - 100€

Luis Magone
Telm: +351 917 266 399

(send sms, please)

E-mail: magone@netcabo.pt


Ikelite uw photo kit to Canon 5D MK II

Kit description:

1 x housing Ikelite 6871.02 to Canon 5D MK II
1 x Dome port 6" Part-Number 5503 to Canon 15 mm Fisheye lens
1 x Flat port Part-Number 5505.58 to Canon 100 Macro USM (not IS)
1 x syncr. cable 4103.52 Ikelite Dual TTL Sync Cord for Two (2) Ikelite DS Series Strobes
1 x Orings set, silicone lube


Other equipment that I could sell:

2 x strobe INON Z240
1 x syncr. cable for strobes INON
2 x arms for strobes INON
1 x Ikelite Super Wide Port Body (5510.11)
1 x Ikelite Extended Zoom Port Body (5510.11) P/Canon 15 Fisheeye and others
1 x Ikelite Extended Zoom Port Body (5510.24) P/Canon 16-35 2.8 and others
1 x Ikelite 8" Dome Port 5510.45 to Canon 16-35 or other and its extension ring

Selling because of a camera upgrade
In very good condition. New O'rings and always very well cared.

Kit price: 1.200 €












Depends on the equipment.

Filipe Silva

Telem: +351 919806480

E-mail: fsilva@filipe-silva.com


Body Canon EOS 40D

Good condition. Without batery nor charger.

To negotiate.

Pedro Ferreira

Telem: +351 966578926

E-mail: pedro.ferreira5268@gmail.com


Housing Subal for Nikon D300. It's possible to include some acessories ( INON 45º viewfinder, iTTL Henrichweikamp converter, 3rd strobe bulkhead).

Body Nikon D300.

Nikon AF 60mm f/2.8 D Micro

Flat port Subal FP-FC60 with focus control

Nikon AF 80-400 mm f/4.5-5.6 D ED VR


Like new, without any scratches. Working 100%


2.400 € (price in new is more than 3.800 €...)

Price for acessories: to be agreed.

Body D300 -700 €

60 mm Micro - 350 €

Flat Port - 450 €

80-400 mm - 950 €

Rui Guerra

Telem: +351 9173 01750

E-Mail: photoguerra@meo.pt

2012/11/15 Two strobes Sea & Sea 250PRO Exactly as new: only used two times. Shipping offer to who buy the two strobes. 700 € each

Nuno Gonçalves

Telem: +351 962872212

E-Mail: : nncgoncalves@gmail.com


Body Canon EOS 1

Body Canon EOS 1N


EOS 1: 175 €

EOS 1N: 200 €

Luis Magone

Telem: 917 266 399
E-Mail: magone@netcabo.pt

2012/02/23 Want to buy Sea & Sea YS-110 Alpha strobe   To negotiate.

Pedro Ribeiro

Telem:+351 963445668

E-Mail: fgr29@gmail.com

2012/01/25 Want to buy Ikelite DS-125 strobe In good condition. To negotiate.

Nuno Vasco Rodrigues


E-Mail: nunovascorodrigues@gmail.com


Dome port Ikelite 5503.50 with lens shade
Dome port Ikelite 5503 with lens shade
Flat port Ikelite 5502.41
Zoom/Af gear
O ring

With all the neoprene covers

  All the equipment: 300 € Each dome port: 150 € Flat port: 50 € Jorge Godinho
Tlm: +351 963103828
Email: jgodis@netcabo.pt

Kit lens Olympus:

50 mm 1:1.4
24 mm 1:2

28 mm 1:2.8
35 mm 1:2

135 mm 1:3.5
65-200 mm 1:4

200 mm 1:4

Used 1.200 € Carlos Lage
E-Mail: quito.lage@gmail.com
2011/12/31 Camera SONY alfa 100
Lens SONY SAL 1870 18-70mm
Lens SONY SAL 75300 75-300mm
1 batery charger SONY ref. BC-VM 10 (110-220V)
2 bateries SONY ref. NP-FM 55H
1 Transport bag SONY ref. LCS-AMSC30
Used equipment but in good conditions. To negotiate António Camilo
E-Mail: ammcpsc@gmail.com
2012/01/04 Want to buy: lens Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM Good condition. To negotiate. Vitor Lucas
E-Mail: vitorlucas@lugrade.com
2012/01/02 Nikon lens 300mm f/4 AFS.
DSLR Nikon D2X.
Strobe Subtronic Alpha with charger.
Lens as new. Strobe needs batery replacement. Lens- 1.000 €
DSLR - 1.000 € (negotiable)
Strobe - 100 €
Carlos Garcia
Telem: +351 964031106
E-Mail: carlosmenezesgarcia@gmail.com
2012/01/02 2 x Camera Sony DSC F-717
Underwater housing IKELITE
Strobe IKELITE DS-125 (New)
TTL synchronization cable
Articulated arm
Peli Case where everything can be put on

900 €


Hugo Malheiro
E-Mail: hugo.f.malheiro@gmail.com
2011/12/31 Imagens Digitais com qualidade (6 Mb) obtidas em Outubro 2009 no BRASIL. (Locais do Ceará/Fortaleza - Cumbuco, Flexeiras, Cauipe, Jericoacoara.) Temas turísticos e desportivos - Muitas de acção (Kitesurf / Kiteboard), dunas, praias, lagoas, PDS, jangadas,aspectos diversos e areias, palmeiras e coqueiros.   Carlos Loff Fonseca
Telem. +351 962482773 / +351 217789314
E-Mail: camloff@yahoo.co.uk
2012/01/01 Wet lens Inon
UWL-105AD bayonet
UFL-165AD bayonet
UCL-165 bayonet
Support offer to who buy everything
  Everything - 400 € Rui Bernardo
Telem.+351 918468469
E-Mail: rbernardo@sapo.pt
2011/12/31 Housing Aquática for Nikon D200 with 2 nikonosV sync. connectors.   Housing - 1.500 €
Armando Ribeiro
Telem. +351 962512800
E-mail: aribeiro@procensus.pt
2011/12/31 Buying Subtronic Alpha Pro Macro strobe. In good condition. To negotiate. Luis Quinta
Telem. +351 963096659
E-Mail: lquinta@sapo.pt



fotografia português